Chef Max Noel

Brand Identity, Print Collateral & Signage

Cooking can be seen as a pastime or rather a chore in one's life, but for Max this is more than just putting food on a plate. Through perseverance, Max has been able to achieve fast-tracked success while working at some of the most distinguished establishments in North America. Although Max’s achievements are notable, he knew that a life with balance was more important for not only himself but his family.

At the end of the day, he knew that the core of hospitality aligned with his values, that being to remain authentic, welcoming and prepared. His priorities shifted once moving back to his home and it is where he began to understand his purpose. Providing a service driven by connection, empathy and experience is what will make Chef Max Noel a prominent business in the time to come.

Feeding busy & hungry local families.

Mindful / Connection / Trustworthy / Diligent

kind words

I appreciate how authentic and passionate Daniella was throughout the project. She has been a true part of the success as my branding really brings a lot of credibility to what I do!

- Max N. (Chef Max Noel)