HR Ceramics

Brand Identity

HR Ceramics is a quaint homestead featuring a pottery studio located in Franklin, Quebec. Hannah, the founder and owner, shares her journey online and through her curated pieces intentionally crafted to serve as a reminder to embrace joy in our daily lives.

Hannah reached out to me about diversifying her business into a lifestyle brand as she planned to evolve her content into sharing homestead living, homegrown products and sustainable tips while fostering genuine connections from an open-minded community.

Bespoke ceramics for conscious and authentic living

Authentic / Conscious / Earthy / Relatable

kind words

"It was such a pleasure to work with Daniella as she made the entire process so fun and easy. I am so grateful for her, her imagination and generosity all throughout. Daniella truly led the way and made my dreams literally come to life."

-Hanna R. (The Potter's Homestead)