The Potter's Homestead

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Founder of HR Ceramics, Hanna Rankin has been running a pottery studio for the past 5 years while tending to a growing homestead located in Franklin, Quebec. The property spans 3 acres of land for livestock and gardening using sustainable practices. Homesteading has been a lifelong dream and goal for Hanna, while the interest in farming stems from her time spent tending to horses throughout her youth.

Together, Hanna and her family have gained insight into the effort, persistence and reward in collectively building a functioning ecosystem. Gardening has been nothing short of an obstacle for Hanna, but she is willing to face the challenges of taking on a new interest that can provide fresh and sustainably grown food for not only her family, but her surrounding community and hopefully in time, as a nationwide CSA box.

Sustainable practices for intentional living

Sustainability / Connection / Organic / Intentional

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"It was such a pleasure to work with Daniella as she made the entire process so fun and easy. I am so grateful for her, her imagination and generosity all throughout. Daniella truly led the way and made my dreams literally come to life."

– Hanna R. (The Potter's Homestead)